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Insulation Media Market for Commercial Real-Estate in India Strategic Market Analysis - Dec 2009


The market for building insulation media in commercial realestate sector has grown tremendously in the last decade in India & despite the economic slowdown the sector has still witnessed decent growth in India ascompared to developed economies. Many international players have tried to makea foray into this high growth market off late at various levels in the industryvalue chain & many more are likely to make that move. However,non-availability of information, data & knowledge has been cited as the biggest impediment for international players intending to enter the Indian market.


This report presents a detailed & comprehensive analysis of the insulationmedia market for commercial real-estate sector in India; presenting the view atthe grass-root & macro levels. Based on rigorous primary & secondary research methodologies including detailed qualitative interview with the following key stakeholders:


- Insulation Material Manufacturers

- Architects & Designers

- HVAC Consultants

- Real-estate Developers

- Sales & Distribution Channel Partners


The report presents key market insights & answers to keyquestions like:


- Relevance of building insulation in Indian context

- Major insulation media used in the Indian market

- Estimates of market size potential & growth rates

- Analysis of the market dynamics

- Value- chain analysis

- Major materials used & their relative market shares

- Major manufacturers & short profile of each player

- Decision making for Material selection- Perception of various insulation materials on physical properties & key decision parameters like fire resistance, water absorption & compressibility etc. by key stakeholders

- Pricing points of different insulation materials (As of Q1 2008)

- Key decision-makers regarding insulation requirement & procurement

- Issues & Key Trends


Table of Contents

 1. Introduction


2. Commercial Real Estate in India

       0;   - Overview

       0;   - GrowthDrivers

       0;   -Segment-wise Outlook


3. Insulation Media for Commercial Real Estate-Analysis of the market dynamics


4. Market Potential & Growth Rates

      5 EnergyEfficiency – Standards, Code & Rating Systems


6. Value Chain Analysis


7. Major Insulation media used in the Indian market

      a. Thermocole

      b. Expanded Polystyrene(EPS)

      c. Extruded Polystyrene(XPS)

      d. Polyurethane Foam(PuF)

      e. Rockwool

      f. Glasswool

      g. Vermiculite


8. Key decision-makers & Specifiers- assessment of insulation requirement& identification of sources for procurement

9. Decision-making for Material Selection- Parameters usedby key stakeholders for media selection. perception on physical properties.

   a. CompressiveStrength

   b. Thermal Conductivity

   c. Flammability

   d. Water Absorption


10. Pricing points of insulation materials


11. Major manufacturers of insulation materials-short profiles

 a. Headquartered

b. Market Presence

c. Business Segments

d. Product & Services Portfolio

e. Annual Installed Production Capacity

f. Key Locations-Plants & Offices

g. Key Plans & Strategies


12. Issues & Key Trends


List of Companies Mentioned

•  Supreme Industries

•  BASF India

•  LG Polymers India

•   KK Nag Ltd.

•    Texsa India

•   Owens Corning India

•   Rockwool India Pvt. Ltd.

•   Lloyd Insulation India Ltd.

•   Thermocare Rockwool India Pvt.Ltd.

•   Expanded Incorporation

•    Manali Petrochemical Ltd.

•    Industrial Foams  

•    Bayer India

•    Dow Chemicals India

•    Huntsman International India Ltd

•   Twiga Fiberglass Limited

•   Narmada Chematur Petrochemical Ltd.


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