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Strategic Business Review - BMW Group - June 2010


The name BMW has forever been synonymous with high performance products & cutting edge technology. With brands like BMW, Mini & Rolls Royce in its stable; the group possesses sufficient firepower to keep the competitors on their toes all the time.


The BMW group, after having effectively managed the global economic crisis during the extremely difficult times for the global industry, is well poised to capitalize on the onset of resurgence in demand across all major markets globally with an impressive & reinforced product portfolio marking the addition of several key products including the likes of the next generation 5 series, Rolls Royce Ghost, Active Hybrid X6 & 7 series, MINI Countryman, Coupe concept & Roadster concept and the Gran Turismo & Touring variants of the 5 series.


This report, therefore, aims to conduct a strategic review of the BMW group’s business in the backdrop of the prevailing uncertainty in the economic & industry climate. The report includes a comprehensive analysis of the:


- Business Overview & Segment-wise Analysis

- Strategic Geographic Spread

- Competitive Positioning

- Financial Performance Analysis

- Key Business Strategies & Plans

- Financial Ratios

- Component Sourcing Strategies

- Annual Business Overview for 2009 & Business Outlook for 2010

- Workforce Trends

- Strategic  Initiatives


The report will be useful for key decision makers, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, dealers, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts, & those associated with the industry or the company.


The report is comprehensive yet concise; enabling prompt and informed decision making.


Table of Contents


1. Business Overview

2. Automobile Division Snapshot

3. Motorcycle Division Snapshot

4. Financial Services Division Snapshot

5. Strategic Geographic Spread


-Sales Offices


6. Competitive Positioning: Analysis

7. Financial Performance Analysis

8. Financial Ratio Analysis

9. Component Sourcing Strategy Analysis

10. Workforce Trends

11. Strategic Initiatives & Recent Developments

12. Key Business Strategies & Plans

13. Strengths & Competitive Advantage Sources

14. Strategic Business Overview

-Year 2009

-Outlook for 2010

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