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General Motors Corporation - Strategic Business Analysis - 2010


General Motors Corporation is the world’s erstwhile numero-uno automaker with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. GM manufactures a series of cars and trucks and has operations spread across the globe.


GM presently is on the comeback trail with a redrawn strategic blueprint, realigned structure & new management team, revamped product portfolio & a renewed customer focus after filing for bankruptcy & seeking financial assistance from the US & Canadian Governments towards mid-2009.


This strategic business analysis report thus analyzes the GM’s business operations, strategies and performance against the backdrop of the apparent resurgence in demand across automotive markets globally.


The report covers a comprehensive analysis of:


- Strategic Initiatives


- Key Business Strategies & Plans


- Significant Business Developments


- SWOT Analysis


- Performance Analysis across Key Markets & Geographies


- Production Outlook & Forecast by Region – 2010-2013


- Business Outlook & Sales Forecasts for all Key Markets for 2010


The report will be useful for key decision makers, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors,industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry or the company.


The report is comprehensive yet concise, built on the PowerPoint platform; thus enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.

Table of Contents

1. Business Snapshot

- Founded

- Headquartered

- Business Segments

- Revenues & Break-Up by Business Segments

- Shareholding Pattern

- Market Capitalization

- Employee-Range

- Key Executives

- Key Competitors


2. Financial Overview (2007- 2010 Q1)

- Revenues

- Profitability

- Growth

- Cash Flow


3. Significant Business Developments


4. Strategic Initiatives


5. Key Business Strategies & Plans


6. Performance Analysis across Key Markets & Geographies

- North America

- Europe

- Emerging Markets


7. Production Outlook & Forecast for GM by Region 2010 - 2013


8. Sales Forecast for 2010 – Global & Key Markets


9. SWOT Analysis


10. Business Outlook for 2010

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