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Comparative SWOT Analysis - Key Global Business-Jet Makers


This comparative SWOT analysis report provides key insights into the strategic business aspects of these 6 leading Global Business Jet manufacturing companies based on a comprehensive assessment of their strategies & outlook against the backdrop of a resurgence in demand for business jets; driven, primarily, by a gradual recovery in the economic conditions globally.


The SWOT Analysis framework is used extensively for an assessment of the internal as well as external business environment as part of the strategic or corporate planning process at organizations across the globe. The framework generates a snapshot of the firm’s strengths & weaknesses as part of internal environment assessment and opportunities & threats as part of the external environment assessment that aids strategic planning as well as decision-making.


This comparative SWOT analysis will be extremely useful for


--Strategic Planning & Decision-Making Process

--Comprehensive Strategic & Competitive Assessment of key market players based on 

   a  relative assessment of strangths & weaknesses

--Assessment & evaluation of degree of responsiveness to the external environment

--Identification of opportunities which could be capitalized upon by each company

--Identification of potential threats in the business environment specific to each selected

   market player

--Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential strategic changes, adjustments &





This Comparative SWOT analysis report would be essential for those having strategic interest in the Global Commercial/Business Aviation sector or any of these companies & will be especially useful for key decision makers, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry or the company.


The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time, built on the PowerPoint platform; thus enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.


Table of Contents


-- Business Snapshot – For each of the 6 companies covered

a) Founded

b) Headquartered

c) Business Segments

d) Employees

e) Revenues

f) Market Capitalization

g) Key Executives

h) Shareholding Pattern & Structure


--  Key Numbers – Sales Revenues, Gross Earnings, Net Earnings, Cash from 

    Operations – 2009 Vs. 2008, Jan-Jun 2010 Vs. Jan-Jun 2009 - For each Company


-- Business Segments – Snapshot – Contribution to Revenues 2009 Vs. 2008 - For 

    each Company


-- SWOT Analysis – For each of the six companies covered

- Sources of Strengths

- Areas of Improvements

- Opportunities to Capitalize on

- Threats to Counter or Overcome


-- Relative Strengths Analysis


-- Relative Analysis of Weaknesses


-- Key Industry Trends, Issues, Risk Factors & Industry Outlook


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