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U.S. Defense & Aerospace Industry - Key Trends, Strategic Insights & Growth Opportunities


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The U.S. defense & aerospace industry is the largest in the world driven by America’s almost 50% share of the global defense outlay at a staggering $700 billion as of 2010. The primary growth drivers for the industry during the first decade of the 21st century have been the 9/11 attacks followed by the subsequent, ongoing allied war on terror across Iraq & Afghanistan theatres. However, after nearly 7 years of waging campaigns across several theatres against terrorism coupled with the ramifications of the worst-ever global economic crisis since the great depression; the U.S. economy has started showing signs of a potential economic overstretch & a potential resurgence of the classic, Military-Economic conundrum, once again.


The U.S. defense & aerospace industry, thus, currently is juxtaposed between rapidly rising technological capabilities and the deteriorating overall economic conditions to sustain & support the same. The fallout has been evident and has been along the anticipated lines, in the form of several major, key program cancellations. The overall outlook for the industry is contractionary over the medium term as the difficult times of the previous century’s last decade seem to be on the verge of recurrence for the industry as the possibilities of a nation that houses almost 5% of the global population and generates almost 25% of the global GDP, to further sustain a 50% share of the global defense spending amid the current economic conditions & climate seem extremely difficult as well as unrealistic.


Thus, amid a rapidly changing & evolving industry landscape; this report provides a comprehensive analysis of key & emerging trends in addition to providing strategic insights into the significant industry developments and analyzing overall dynamics in the U.S. defense & aerospace industry. The report further highlights and provides analysis of potential opportunities across key growth domains.


The report will provide:

• Analysis of emerging industry landscape

• Comprehensive analysis of key and emerging industry trends

• Strategic insights into significant industry developments

• Analysis of key forces shaping the industry’s future & their overall dynamics

• Identification of growth domains & analysis of potential opportunities

• Key issues & challenges for the industry

• Strategic outlook & charting of further industry growth trajectory


The report will be useful for:

• Mapping the convergence between industry & company growth trajectories

• Strategic planning & decision-making process

• Strategic orientation analysis and assessment of potential scope for realignment

• Assessing potential impact of emerging industry trends & developments

• Contingency planning for current strategies as well as programs


This Key Trends, Strategic Insights & Growth Opportunities report is essential for key decision makers, strategic stakeholders, top management of companies, policy-makers, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry.


The report is comprehensive yet concise, built on the PowerPoint platform; thus enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.


Table of Contents


1. US Defense & Aerospace Industry – Background & Overview


2. PESTT Framework Analysis – Analysis of key underlying factors

• Political Factors

• Economic Conditions

• Threat Perception

• Technological Advancements

• Social Factors & Opinions


3. Force Field Analysis – Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall 



4. Key Trends – Comprehensive analysis of 17 key trends shaping the industry, 


•   Changing US defense priorities leading to change in overall program mix

•   Defense budget decline & change in composition

•   Incessant activity across Afghanistan & Iraq war theatres driving related segments


•   Contract negotiations & procurement reforms

•   Rising trend towards collaboration, joint development & platform sharing

•   Increasing share of FMS contribution to overall revenues across players

•   Increasing preference for hardware refurbishment & upgrade over replacement

•   Rising significance of emerging nations & markets in global economic dynamics

•   Strategic realignment across players based on emerging industry scenario


5. Issues & Challenges

•  Realigning priorities amid rapidly changing dynamics

•  Deriving further growth amid contractionary industry outlook

•  Managing cost base & structure efficiently

•  Meeting stricter environment protection laws & standards

•  Managing Law Suits & Union issues


6. Growth Domains & Opportunities

•   UAS platforms

•   Missiles & Missile Defense

•   Troop Support Services

•   Cyber Security

•   Armoured Vehicles

•   Strategic Airlift


7. Strategic Outlook

•   U.S. Defense Budgetary Trend

•   U.S. Strategy & Outlook towards Defense Priorities

•   U.S. Economic Climate, Conditions & the Defense & Aerospace Industry

•   Industry Growth Trajectory & Emerging Landscape

•   Shifting Global Dynamics

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