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Strategic Orientation Mapping - Key U.S. Defense & Aerospace Companies


This Strategic Orientation Mapping report is a comprehensive strategy dossier & provides detailed analysis & key insights into the strategic business aspects of these 5 leading U.S. based Defense & Aerospace companies based on a comprehensive assessment of their strategies & outlook against the backdrop of an evolving industry landscape; impacted by ramifications of the Global Economic Meltdown as almost all Key Global Economies grapple with domestic economic issues, in addition, to complex & challenging Geo-Political situations & equations. With the U.S. defense budget; pegged at a staggering $700 billion as of 2010; contributing to almost 50% of the global annual defense outlay; set to stagnate over the near term & sharp reductions in defense spending imminent across Britain & France, as well as, several other, key Western European nations; the industry is set to face difficult times ahead.

Thus, amid a changing & evolving industry landscape; this report provides insights into & presents a comprehensive analysis as well as assessment of key strategies & plans being chalked out by these 5 leading companies to sail through the anticipated environmental turbulence, in addition, to providing strategic insights into significant industry developments & analyzing overall dynamics in the U.S. defense & aerospace industry amid rising uncertainty and rapidly changing defense priorities as well as external outlook.

The report will be especially useful for:

-- Strategic Planning & Decision-Making Process

-- Comprehensive Strategic & Competitive Assessment of key market players

-- Relative Assessment of Strengths & Weaknesses

-- Assessment & Evaluation of degree of responsiveness of each company to the 

    external environment

-- Identification of Opportunities which could be capitalized upon by each company

-- Identification of Potential Threats in the business environment & challenges specific to

    each selected market player

-- A round-up of Significant Business Developments for each company

-- Perspective on Key Strategic Initiatives being pursued by each company

-- Insights into key Business Strategies & Plans being pursued by each player

-- Identifying & Highlighting areas for making Potential Strategic Changes, Adjustments

    & Realignment

-- Gaining a Strategic Perspective on the Comparative Business & Strategic Outlook for

    each company for 2011

-- Strategic insights into significant industry developments & analysis of key and

    emerging trends

-- Insights into Key forces shaping the industry’s future & their overall dynamics

This Strategic Orientation Mapping report would be essential for those having strategic interest in the Global Defense & Aerospace Industry or any of these companies & will be especially useful for key decision makers, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry or the company.

The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time; built on the Microsoft PowerPoint platform; thus enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.

Table of Contents

Industry Background & Overview

PEST Framework Analysis – U.S. Defense & Aerospace Industry

Business Overview – For each of the 5 companies covered

a) Founded

b) Headquartered

c) Business Segments

d) Employees

e) Revenues

f) Market Capitalization

g) Key Executives

h) Shareholding Pattern & Structure

Financial Snapshot – 2009 Vs. 2008 and Jan-Sept 2010 Vs. Jan-Sept 2009 - For each Company

- Sales Revenues

- Gross Earnings

- Net Earnings

- Cash from Operations

- Order Backlog Status

Business Segments – Snapshot - 2009 Vs. 2008 & Q1-Q3 2010 Vs. Q1-Q3 2009- For each Company

- Year on Year Growth Rate

- Contribution to Revenues

- Profitability

SWOT Analysis – For each of the 5 companies covered

- Sources of Strengths

- Areas of Improvements

- Opportunities to Capitalize on

- Threats to Counter or Overcome

Significant Business Developments – For each company

Strategic Initiatives – For each of the 5 key players

Key Strategies & Plans - For each of the 5 key defense & aerospace companies

Comparative SWOT Analysis – Relative Assessment of Strengths & Weaknesses

Business & Strategic Outlook for 2011 – For each key market player

Key Industry Trends – Analysis of 20 key trends shaping the industry

Key Industry Issues, Risks & Challenges

Force Field Dynamics Analysis – Key Driving & Restraining Forces that are Shaping & Impacting the Industry

Strategic Industry Outlook

- U.S. Defense Budgetary Trend – 2010-2020

- Shifting Global Dynamics

- U.S. Defense Priorities & External Outlook

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