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CLAAS Group-Key Strategies, Plans, SWOT, Trends & Outlook-2013




This Strategic Report Analyzes & provides Insights into the Key Business & Growth Strategies, Plans & Business Outlook for CLAAS Group for the year 2013 based on a comprehensive assessment of company’s global business operations & strategic orientation against the backdrop of an evolving market landscape & industry backdrop; marked by significant Global Environmental Uncertainty amid difficult overall macroeconomic conditions emanating from the widening Euro-zone debt crisis, rising U.S. fiscal deficit, debt level & the imminent fiscal cliff situation. Almost, all key emerging economies, on the other hand, continue to grapple with inflationary pressures while making all efforts to stoke up economic growth momentum.


Relevance & Usefulness of the Report:


This comprehensive report on CLAAS Group will provide & will be useful for:


- Strategic Planning, Competitive Analysis & Decision-Making Processes


- Strategic & Competitive Assessment Purposes


- Comprehensive Strategic Assessment of Strengths & Weaknesses


- Identification & Analysis of Imminent Market Opportunities & Emerging Potential Threats


- Assessment & Evaluation of degree of responsiveness to the external environment


- Insights into key Business as well as Growth Strategies & Plans being pursued by the         company


- Identifying & Highlighting areas for Potential Strategic Adjustments, Changes &                   Realignment


- Gaining access to Key Industry as well as Market Trends & Insights


- Analysis of Forces Driving & restraining the Industry & their overall Dynamics through an       insightful  Force Field Analysis


- Strategic Business Outlook for 2013


For Whom:


The report would be essential for those having strategic interest in the Global Agriculture Equipment Industry or any of these companies & will be especially useful for key decision makers, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry or any of these companies.




The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time; built on the Microsoft PowerPoint platform; thus, rendering it custom-built for meetings & presentations while enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making as a ready self-reckoner.

Table of Contents

Section - 1


Business Structure & Snapshot


a) Founded

b) Headquartered

c) Business Segments

d) Employees

e) Revenues

f) Market Capitalization

g) Key Executives

h) Shareholding/Ownership Pattern & Structure


Section – 2


Financial Performance Snapshot – 2012 Vs. 2011 & Q1 2013 Vs. Q1 2012


- Sales Revenues Growth

- Gross Earnings & Margin

- Operating Earnings & Margin

- Net Earnings

- Profitability Growth

- Profit Margins

- Cash Flow from Operations


Section - 3


Business Segments – Snapshot - 2012 Vs. 2011 & Q1 2013 Vs. Q1 2012


- Revenues Growth Rate

- Contribution to Revenues

- Return on Sales

- Profitability Growth


Section – 4


SWOT Analysis


- Sources of Strengths which could be Leveraged

- Areas of Improvements to Ameliorate & Offset

- Opportunities to Capitalize Upon

- Threats to Mitigate, Negate & Overcome


Section – 5


Key Business & Growth Strategies and Plans


Section – 6


Strategic Business Outlook for 2013


Section – 7


Force Field Analysis – Global Agriculture Equipment Industry


--Driving Forces

--Restraining Forces


Section – 8


Key Industry Trends


Key Issues & Challenges


Risk Factors



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