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Strategy Brief - 2014 - On Individual Companies


This Strategy Brief analyses & provides comprehensive insights into the Strategic Positioning, Strategic Priorities, Strategic Responsiveness and Key Strategies & Plans on individual companies based on a holistic assessment as well as comprehensive analysis of Business Activities, Strategic Initiatives, Business & Strategic Developments and Strategic Moves & Measures against the backdrop of an evolving industry landscape, complex & uncertain global macroeconomic environment and shifting global dynamics.

Table of Contents - For Strategy Brief on each Individual Company

Analysis of Key Strategies & Plans:-


-- Product Portfolio Strategies & Plans

-- Service Level Strategies & Plans

-- Technological and R&D Strategies & Plans

-- Market Specific Strategies & Plans - Traditional & Emerging Markets

-- Corporate Strategies & Plans

-- Sales, Marketing & Branding Strategies and Plans

-- Manufacturing/Production Strategies & Plans

-- Business Growth Strategies & Plans - Organic & Inorganic

-- Financial Strategies & Plans

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