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Global Civil Helicopter Market - 2018-2022

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The Global Civil Helicopter Market is on the recovery course after facing headwinds for a number of consecutive years starting 2014 with the plummeting of global crude oil prices which precipitated the crisis in the energy sector and led to sinking of the demand for new civil helicopters & fleet utilization levels of in-service fleet for transportation to the offshore oil & gas rigs. The market for civil helicopters is likely to bottom out in 2018 with fleet utilization rates across operators picking up for the first half of 2018 as global crude oil prices resurge driven by contrived supply side constraints & pressures. However, the civil helicopters deliveries are likely to remain flat for 2018 and pick up only from 2019 onwards; despite decent activity & demand from the EMS, Parapublic & VIP transport market segments; in a complex, uncertain, challenging & difficult global macroeconomic environment that is likely to stay over near term.


Amongst regions, China is spearheading the global demand growth for civil helicopters, led by the development of its EMS market, and is poised to become the world’s leading market for civil helicopters over medium term. Amongst OEMs, Airbus Helicopters continues to lead & further tighten its grip on the global civil helicopter market with almost 50% unit delivery share for 2017 and a robust order book position while being propelled by a favorable trend & growing preference for militarized variants of civil helicopter platforms globally. However, the H225 Super Puma program, its traditional workhorse in the offshore oil & gas segment, continues to be the biggest concern area for Airbus over safety & reliability issues with the program marred by a series of helicopter crashes over years and Airbus facing lawsuits & claims from operators. Further, the offshore market is witnessing a shift towards the super medium helicopter segment which further compounds the issues for Airbus.


Going forward, the U.S. Navy’s plan to replace its TH-57 Trainer rotorcraft with a commercial, off the shelf solution is likely to be a key program of contention for Airbus Helicopters, Bell & Leonardo with the trio fielding their respective contenders for the potentially significant growth avenue in a highly strategic market. Also, the likely radical transformation of personal mobility with the upcoming age of eVTOL based air transportation systems will herald a new era of growth for the industry which is gearing up rapidly with the development of requisite technologies.


Report Structure


The report analyzes the Global Civil Helicopter market with focus on a balanced blend of quantitative & qualitative analysis.


Part 1: Analysis of Market Structure, Size & Competitive Landscape


• Market Structure & Key Segments

• Current market size

• Demand drivers

• Competitive landscape for Civil Helicopters


Part 2: Provides detailed analysis on key industry OEMs, including,


• Product portfolio

• Financial analysis

• Insights into Strategies & Plans being chalked out by the OEMs

• SWOT framework analysis


Top 5 OEMs Analyzed Comprehensively in the Report (Not just Profiles)


• Airbus Helicopters

• Bell Helicopter

• Leonardo Helicopters

• Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

• Russian Helicopters


Part 3: Trends, Growth Opportunities and Market Outlook


• Likely market evolution over medium term

• Analysis of key market & technological trends

• Issues & challenges

• Latest Market developments

• Potential growth opportunities which could be leveraged by the industry value chain

• Projections for demand outlook for Civil Helicopters over the next decade

• Mapping out as to how are the OEMs likely to be placed in the emerging market & demand scenario over the next decade


For Whom: Key Decision-Makers across Industry Value Chain


The report will be essential & a key resource for those associated with and having strategic interest in the Global Civil Helicopter Market. The report will be especially useful for


• Key Decision-Makers

• Program Managers

• Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies

• Industry OEMs

• Helicopter Fleet Operators

• Suppliers, Vendors, Technology & MRO Services Providers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain

• Existing & potential Investors

• Industry & Company Analysts

• M&A Advisory Firms

• Strategy & Management Consulting Firms

• PE Firms, Venture Capitalists and Financing & Leasing Companies

• Researchers and all those associated with the industry in general


Features, Benefits & Reasons to Procure:-


• Provides Macro View and Big Picture Quickly

• Blend of Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis for Strategic Planning Process

• Significant Time Savings with Ready, Comprehensive Analysis

• Quality & Reliability backed by Over a Decade of Research and Coverage of the Industry

• Most detailed & comprehensive resource available on Strategy and Analysis with detailed Strategic Analysis on OEMs (way beyond just Profiles)

• Gain a Competitive Edge with Our Cutting Edge Analysis

• Visual Representation enabling Easy Comprehension

• Meetings & Presentation Ready Format for Quick Application

• Superior & Enriched User Experience with Incorporation of Relevant Images, Graphs & Infographics


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