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Global Narrow-Body Aircraft Market - Airbus' A320 Family vs. Boeing's 737 Generations - Strategy Perspective & Market Outlook -2020-2039

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The Global Commercial Aircraft market has been characterized by numerous, incessant battles for market domination waged between the duopoly of industry behemoths, Airbus & Boeing, for almost half a century now with the sworn transatlantic rivals frequently exchanging airplane salvos and technology barbs targeted precisely at each other.


This report PDF; replete with data, charts & analysis; on Airbus-Boeing bitter arch-rivalry; an outright multi-decennial cliffhanger; decrypts & unravels the relative strategy playbooks as well as game plans pursued by the two aerospace giants over the past half a century in an unbiased, longitudinal analysis from the strategy perspective with product strategy as the core pivot. It deciphers Airbus’ meteoric rise in the narrow body market starting out as a virtual industry underdog & rookie to become a worthy & equal adversary within a span of 3 decades in a long- cycle industry with significant entry barriers well in place. This follows a comparative analysis on culture, leadership & strategy between Airbus & Boeing and how they have set the two aerospace giants apart in terms of market success with Airbus’ customer centric culture clearly contrasted against Boeing’s original engineering & quality focused culture which later became re-oriented towards profits following a corporate coup.


The report further analyzes competitive positioning of Airbus & Boeing across the lower end, middle & top-end of the global narrow body aircraft market and how the transatlantic rivals have fared across these sub-segments from a longitudinal perspective and the way ahead with commercial aviation literally in dire straits and likely to face significant headwinds going forward. This is followed by analysis of key trends which are likely to shape commercial aviation’s evolution going forward and how Airbus & Boeing are positioned to navigate them based on a Comparative SWOT analysis. Lastly, the report provides analysis on the market outlook & demand forecasts for commercial aviation, split by market segments & geographic regions, from a long term perspective.


For Whom:


The analysis will be a must have & essential for Key Decision-Makers & Senior Industry Executives. It will be especially useful for Program Managers, Procurement Managers, Airlines, Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies, Industry OEMs, Suppliers, Vendors, MRO Services Providers, Technology & Other Services Solutions Providers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain. The E-book will also be useful for existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists, Financing & Leasing Companies, Researchers, Education sector and all those associated with or interested in Commercial Aviation.

Table of Contents:

Section – 1


Airbus-Boeing arch-rivalry in the Narrow Body Aircraft market – 1980s- 2020 – Genesis, Evolution & Progression


Section – 2


Airbus vs. Boeing: Decade-wise Comparative Analysis on Product Strategy Pursuits for the past Four Decades – 1980s-2020


Section - 3


Airbus vs. Boeing: Comparative Longitudinal Analysis on the three key determinants of long-term, sustainable Organizational Success –


• Culture

• Leadership

• Strategy


Section – 4


Lower end of the Global Narrow Body Aircraft Market – Relative Competitive Positioning & Analysis – Airbus in Commanding Position with the A220


Section – 5


Core of the Narrow Body Segment – Relative Competitive Positioning & Analysis - A320neo vs.737 MAX–8


Section – 6


Top End of Narrow Body Segment/ Middle of the Commercial Aircraft Market – Relative Competitive Positioning & Analysis – Unchallenged Market Dominance of the A321LR & XLR


Section – 7


Airbus vs. Boeing: Comparative Analysis of the Global Narrow Body Aircraft Market – From 1980s through Q3 2020 – Order Intake Shares, Aircraft Deliveries Shares & Order Backlog Positions - Analysis by Aircraft Generations, Families, Programs & Variants


Section – 8


Comparative SWOT Analysis – Airbus vs. Boeing


-- Strengths

-- Weaknesses

-- Opportunities

-- Threats


Section – 9


The Flight Path Ahead for Commercial Aviation – Key Trends & Challenges - Perspectives for the Post COVID-19 World

• The Long Road Ahead to Recovery from the Pandemic & Return to Normalcy

• Sustainability Challenges

• Product Strategy Priorities & Issues for Airbus & Boeing

• Continued Turbulence predicted for the Wide-Bodies ahead

• Inside the WTO Ring

• The Great Circle Route to Aviation Safety’s Next Pylon


Section – 10


Global Commercial Aircraft Market – Market Outlook & Forecasts - 2020-2039


Aircraft Deliveries Forecasts for Key Market Segments – 2020-2039


• Narrow Body

• Wide-Body

• Regional Jets

• Freighters


Aircraft Deliveries Forecasts for Key Geographic Regions – 2020-2039


• North America

• Europe

• Asia-Pacific

• Latin America

• Russia & CIS Region

• Middle East

• Africa



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