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Global Business Jet Market - Annual Review - 2021

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The Global Business Jet market has been on the recovery path while facing tremendous headwinds in a complex, difficult & highly challenging market environment with the global economy reeling under the pressure of COVID-19 pandemic. The global business jet market in fact has been faring much better than commercial aviation, marking a major departure from the usual trend owing to social distancing mandates, and has witnessed a strong uptick in fleet utilization levels by late 2020 and is projected to make a recovery to pre-COVID levels, in terms of fleet utilization, by mid-2021. The industry has shown tremendous resilience over the past decade with the OEMs focusing on portfolio refresh led by new product introductions, reinforcement of presence across key markets & regions and services portfolio expansion amid a difficult demand environment through the decade.


The market demand for business jets remains skewed towards heavy jets where the three way battle for market shares continues to be fought amongst the triad of Gulfstream, Bombardier and Dassault Aviation with Gulfstream maintaining its pole position with a strong product portfolio, market positioning and leveraging the first mover advantage to full effect while a restructured Bombardier pivoted solely around business aviation is likely to be much more focused & competitive with its Global 7500 program. The long term fundamentals for the industry remain strong & well in place with regulatory mandates & sustainability focus likely to drive new aircraft sales apart from modernization & upgrade of existing aircrafts translating into an overall fillip for the industry over medium term. Additionally, the market dynamics for business jets are likely to witness a major disruption & transformation with the advent of supersonic business jets which are likely to become a reality towards the middle to late 2020s with a number of industry OEMs working actively on their development. Business aviation is also likely to face a stiff challenge from civil rotorcrafts, starting with the AW609 which is likely to enter service over near term, apart from the unfolding of innovative & disruptive business models under Urban Aerial Mobility over medium term while simultaneously tackling sustainability challenges going forward.


Against this backdrop, the report analyzes and provides insights into key industry, market & technology trends likely to shape the future of the global business aviation market over near to medium term followed by outlining of emerging, potential growth opportunities for the long term.


Relevance & Usefulness: The report will be useful for:


-- Strategic Planning & Decision-Making process


-- Identification of & Insights into Potential Growth Opportunities & Avenues for Long Term


-- Market Evolution & Demand Growth Projections over Next Decade


-- Assessing potential impact of emerging Market Trends & Developments


-- Contingency planning for current Strategies & Programs


-- Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential Strategic Changes, Adjustments & Realignment


-- Strategic Perspective on the near-term Business & Strategic Outlook for Business Aviation


For Whom:


The report would be quintessential for those having strategic interest & stakes in the Global Business Aviation Market. The report will be extremely useful for Key Decision-Makers, Program Managers, Global Procurement Managers, Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies, Industry OEMs, Suppliers, Vendors, MRO Services Providers, Technology & Other Services Solutions Providers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain. The report will also be useful for existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists, Financing & Leasing Companies, Researchers and all those associated with the industry/sector. The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time; is custom-built for meetings & presentations, being built on the Microsoft PowerPoint platform; in addition, to being a ready self-reckoner as well as a quick reference guide driving, enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.

Table of Contents

Section – 1: Global Business Aircraft Market - Introduction & Market Overview


Section – 2: Market Segmentation


2.1 Global Business Aircraft Market - Introduction & Overview

2.2 Global Business Aircraft Market - Key Market Segments

2.3 Global Business Aircraft Fleet – Size, Evolution & Growth Rate


Section – 3


Business Aviation – Dynamics & Key Drivers


Section – 4


Industry Trends


Section – 5


Market Trends


Section – 6


Technology Trends


Section – 7


Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors


Section – 8


Global Business Aircraft Market - Force Field Analysis – Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics


- Driving Forces

- Restraining Forces


Section – 9


Global Business Aircraft Market – Aircraft Deliveries for 2020 and Market Outlook for 2021


Section – 10


Strategic Market Outlook & Demand Projections – Global Business Aircraft Market - 2021-2030


- Analysis of Emerging Market Scenario for Business Jets

- Global Demand Outlook – Business Aircrafts – Forecast – 2021-2030

- Demand Growth Projections for Business Jets through 2030 –

-- Light Jets

-- Medium Jets

-- Heavy Jets

- Demand Growth Forecasts for Key Geographic Markets & Regions – 2021-2030

--North America



--Middle East & Africa

--Latin America




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