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Annual Strategy Dossier - 2021 - World's 7 Leading Construction Equipment Manufacturers

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Global Construction Equipment Sales Fare Better than Expected in 2020 with Market Resistance led by China, Strong Demand likely in 2021 led by Fiscal Stimulus Measures & Global Economic Recovery – Proposed $2 Trillion U.S. Infrastructure Plan and Technological Evolution by Industry to Spearhead Demand Growth over Medium Term


The 2021 edition of the report analyses the overall strategy focus and provides Insights into & Comprehensive analysis of the Strategies & Plans being conceptualized & pursued by the World’s 7 Leading Construction Equipment manufacturers for the near to medium term horizon. The Global Construction Equipment market witnessed a relatively limited impact from the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 albeit expectations of an impending market correction with the market resistance led clearly by the Chinese Construction Equipment market which clearly defied the contractionary trend witnessed globally by registering strong, double digit year on year gain in unit sales for 2020 spurred by the roll-out of stimulus measures by the Chinese government aimed at bolstering economy after an early recovery & resurgence from the lockdown in April 2020 itself. The global demand for construction equipment is projected to register a steady recovery & growth over near to medium term with most key global economies likely to witness an uptick in demand following similar fiscal interventions likely to be pursued & sustained by governments across most regions going forward coupled with strong global economic recovery projections by the IMF for 2021 & 2022, led by the U.S., which is projected to exceed its pre-COVID economic growth momentum & clock 6.4% GDP growth for 2021.


Further, the massive, $2 trillion infrastructure plan just outlined by the Biden administration in early April 2021 geared towards comprehensive repair & rebuilding of roads, railroads, bridges & ports in the U.S. could turn out to be the much needed shot in the arm for the construction industry going forward and could take the market towards & even beyond the peak of 2018, and seen prior to that in 2011, once again, with an outlay of $115 billion planned towards repair of highways & bridges alone, if it gets approved by the Congress. However, much of that will be contingent on the pace & trajectory of global macroeconomic recovery from the COVID-19 going forward, direction of U.S. policy posture towards global trade under Biden administration, sustainment of recovery in global crude oil as well as commodity prices, all of which will have a direct & significant bearing on the shape of the growth curve for the industry going forward.


Another growth catalyst for the off & on-highway segments over medium term is likely to be technology-driven and is likely to come in form of the transition towards Connected, Autonomous & Electric Technologies which are likely to witness rapid commercialization over medium term. These next-generation technologies are likely to stimulate as well as accelerate replacement demand for existing equipment across both traditional as well as emerging markets with their way superior & unmatched capabilities, operating efficiencies and total cost of ownership.


About the Report:


Against this rapidly evolving industry and market backdrop; the report provides a comprehensive analysis on the Global Top 7 Construction Equipment manufacturers starting with a detailed business and financial snapshot, incorporating charts, tables and analysis based on latest financial statements. An insightful & comprehensive SWOT framework analysis is also provided; which is used extensively for scanning, assessment & analysis of the internal as well as external business environment of an organization as part of strategic planning process.


The report also incorporates analysis of key industry trends, issues & challenges and risk factors besides identifying key driving & restraining forces & assessing their potential degree of impact through a force field analysis. The report concludes by providing comprehensive market outlook for the global construction equipment market over medium term.


Report Excerpts:


• Caterpillar’s ambitious plan to double its services revenues by 2026 spearheaded by the creation of new services & solutions configured on next generation technologies

• Komatsu’s long term focus on sustainability under the company's ‘Komatsu in 203X’ Vision

• CNH preparing to segregate its Off and On-Highway businesses to unlock value & plans to boost profitability under the ‘Transform 2 Win’ strategic plan for 2020-2024

• John Deere rapidly building up internal technological capabilities through the pursuit of an acquisitions-led inorganic growth strategy

• Volvo’s pursuit of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for its Construction Equipment business for the post COVID-19 world

• Demand for Construction Equipment likely to register major boom in 2021 spurred by stimulus spending likely by governments across most parts of the world


Relevance & Usefulness:


The report provides insights & inputs to be incorporated into the broader strategic planning & decision making processes and will be essential from a competitive analysis standpoint as well. The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time and is custom-built for meetings & presentations configured on the Microsoft PowerPoint platform; in addition, to being a ready self-reckoner as well as a quick reference guide driving, enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.


For Whom:


The report is a niche, key & vital information resource on the Global Construction Equipment Market with its unique disposition & strategy focus. The report would be quintessential for those having strategic interest in the Company and all those with interest & stakes in the Global Construction Equipment market and/or the Construction Industry. The report will be extremely useful for:-


• Key Decision-Makers

• Program Managers

• Global Procurement Managers

• Top Management of Industry Players & Companies

• Industry Value Chain, including, OEMs, Suppliers, Vendors, Associated Equipment Manufacturers & Technology Solutions providers

• Existing & potential Investors

• Industry & Company Analysts

• M&A Advisory Firms

• Strategy & Management Consulting Firms

• PE Firms & Venture Capitalists

• Financing & Leasing Companies

• Researchers & Educators

• PR & Advertising Agencies seeking Industry Clients

Table of Contents

Section – 1


Business Snapshot & Overview - World's Top 7 Construction Equipment Manufacturers


• Founded

• Headquartered

• Business Segments

• Product Portfolio

• Revenue Base

• Market Capitalization

• Key Executives

• Shareholding/Ownership Structure


Section – 2


Financial Performance Analysis - Top 7 Industry OEMs


• Revenue Base & Growth Trend

• Revenues Split by Key Segments

• Revenues Split by Key Geographic Markets & Regions

• Gross Earnings & Margin Trend

• Operating Earnings & Operating Margin Trend

• Return on Sales Trend

• Profitability Growth Trend

• Cash Flow from Operations

• R&D Expenditure Trend

• CAPEX Trend


Section – 3


Strategy Focus – Across Top 7 Industry OEMs


Section - 4


Key Strategies & Plans - Comprehensive Analysis of Strategies & Plans for the Industry OEMs - Analysis Coverage


• Product Portfolio Strategies & Plans

• Market Specific Strategies & Plans

• R&D Strategies & Plans

• Growth Strategies & Plans

• Business and Corporate Strategies & Plans

• Sales & Marketing Strategies & Plans

• Production/Manufacturing Strategies & Plans

• Financial Strategies & Plans

• Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances & JVs

• Other Strategies & Strategic Initiatives


Section – 5


SWOT Analysis


• Strengths to be Leveraged

• Weaknesses to be worked on

• Opportunities to be capitalized upon

• Threats to be negated & mitigated


Section – 6


Key Trends


• Industry Trends

• Market Trends

• Technology Trends


Section – 7


Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors


Section – 8


Global Construction Equipment Market - Force Field Analysis - Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics


• Driving Forces

• Restraining Forces


Section – 9


Strategic Market Outlook


• Analysis of Emerging Market Scenario

• Demand Outlook for 2021

• Growth Projections for Construction Equipment

• Insights into Potential Growth Opportunities



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