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Auto Radar™


Monthly Intelligence & Insights from key Global Automobile Markets

North America | Europe 


An automobile & automotive industry focused monthly publication & online resource providing critical market intelligence & insights in today’s rapidly changing industry & economic environment.

Covering a wide gamut of features including real-time analysis of industry and market events, reviews, trends & opinions presented in a concise yet comprehensive manner; the Auto Radar is a comprehensive source of automobile & automotive intelligence from key global markets, well-established & traditional strongholds of Western Europe & North America.

Trusted by a rapidly growing number of industry professionals across North America, Europe & Asia to stay ahead & maintain the competitive edge; the Auto Radar is a key resource for market intelligence & insights on the automobile industry; useful to coordinate strategic business decisions based on industry & market intelligence for overall business effectiveness.

Auto Radar covers the following key strategic automobile markets:

  • North America
  • Europe

Areas covered


·    Monthly Dashboard including data tables & trend charts for each market

  -  Monthly New Vehicle Registrations/Sales by Category

  -  Vehicle Sales by OEMs

  -  Market share Break-Up by Product Category

  -  Growth Rates

  -  Trend Analysis

·   Competitive Landscape

  -  Market Share Split by OEMs for the month & YTD analysis

  -  Comparative Analysis of Sales Numbers & Trends

·   Market Watch-A snapshot & analysis of key industry & market events for the month

  -  Update on New Product Launches

  -  CEO/Management Speak-Opinions & take on the industry vicissitudes

  -  Industry Round-Up

  -  Update on New Market Entrants

·    Economy Watch-Insights into the key economic performance indicators

·    Strategic Roadmap Analysis -An overview of the key industry players

  -  Key Business Strategies & Plans-New technology developments, plant expansion, new facilities

  -  Strategic Initiatives- Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances & Joint Venture Activity

  -  Significant Business Developments-Significant contracts & orders, investments

·    Production Outlook – Vehicle production outlook for the market & the region including numbers, trends & analysis

·    Technology Focus – Snapshot of the latest technological developments

·    Trend Watch - Key Industry & Market Trends Analysis

·    On the Anvil- Upcoming & Proposed Policy Interventions & Regulatory Changes


Snapshot of sample Auto Radar issue.



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Intelligence & Insights from Key Global Automobile Markets

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