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Military Helicopters

The Global Military Helicopter industry is on the verge of a generational leap with next generation of military helicopter airframes, namely, Bell V-280 Valor and Sikorsky’s SB>1 Defiant, being developed under the JMR-FVL program; scheduled to take to skies for their maiden flights in late 2017 promising the realization of a significant expansion of the operational spectrum & performance capabilities of rotorcrafts along with the planned incorporation of new, more powerful & efficient turboshaft engines being developed by the industry under the Improved Engine Turbine Program (IETP) and Future Advanced Turbine Engine (FATE) programs.

The shifting global world order and the emerging geopolitical realities have been extremely favorable for defense spending with the global defense spending registering its first ever increase since 2011 in 2015 and gaining further traction in 2016 with projections indicating towards a steady growth in global defense spending through 2025. Military helicopters have been a key element of the traditional force structure and their rapidly evolving capabilities are making them even more indispensable for conducting a wide range of military missions. The projected market scenario for defense spending, also being touted as the decade of growth resurgence, is likely to provide significant tailwinds to military helicopter segment as well with a number of large ticket military helicopter contracts already kicked off, underway or in pipeline stage across most traditional & emerging markets aimed at replacement, fleet growth or capabilities expansion.

The industry OEMs have already started gearing up for the projected upward demand growth trajectory with an array of strategies, initiatives & plans. Against this backdrop, the report analyzes the overall strategic focus & priorities for the Global Top 6 Military Helicopter manufacturers with the aim to analyze as to how are they positioned, preparing & likely to fit in the emerging market scenario & overall scheme of things. The report outlines the Overall Strategy Focus as well as Priorities and further provides a comprehensive analysis of the Key Strategies & Plans being conceptualized and implemented by the industry OEMs. The report concludes by projecting market evolution for military helicopters through 2025 with analysis of emerging market scenario & demand growth projections followed by analysis of key market & technology trends, issues & challenges, potential growth opportunities and market outlook over the next decade.